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Hand-picked has blossomed on the journey of its founder, Kelly Scawin. It’s about the beauty of nature, it’s about a sense of home and it’s about love.


It all began when Kelly returned to New Zealand after many years living abroad. Those years overseas had been a time to explore, indulge and to grow, but returning home to New Zealand was a time to reflect, embrace and make dreams a reality. 

The beginnings were small yet deeply personal: having fallen in love with and settled in the Bay of Plenty where Kelly grew all of the flowers for her wedding tables. Nurturing these flowers from seed, all with the aim of bringing pleasure to family and friends on a very special day, and celebrating her love, was life-changing. It reinforced Kelly’s deep affection for nature – in particular New Zealand’s natural beauty – and her desire to care for, celebrate with and bring pleasure to loved ones. Because these are her happiness.

Thus, Kelly said goodbye to her career in hospitality to focus on her ever-evolving passion for creative floral design. With hand-picked, a dream has become a reality. Hand-picked is focused on making flower buying and giving accessible, affordable and fun, and on honouring nature by allowing flowers and foliage to naturally find their place with one another. There is nothing artificial or contrived here – it is about natural, wild abundance and seasonal, local flowers and foliage.