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Breaking the rules of traditional floristry and celebrating the unique imperfections of nature is why Hand Picked is the florist with a difference.

Our dedicated florist, Kelly brings passion, style and originality to her Tauranga clientele with the finest quality seasonal flower heads, stems, foliage and, where possible, environmentally-kind materials. Her goal is to primarily source garden-grown flowers full of colour, scent and form, creating impactful, individualised blends which delight – particularly on your all-important wedding day. It can be difficult when making all the decisions for your wedding day, particularly when it comes to the flowers.  Colour, style, flower-type and installation of the arrangements – these are where Kelly and her team really step up and take away the stress. 

Hand Picked supply flowers in Tauranga all year round for a variety of important occasions so let them help you to create the wedding flowers that will beautify and enrich this meaningful life experience for you. Their wild and gently untamed approach differs from the more traditional structured style and their creations are designed to look distinctively natural conveying the essence of any environment they fill.   




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